Essay Mark Twain Huckleberry Finn

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Petersburg is more Western than Southern) a hundred years ago.

But the point of view of the narrator is that of an adult observing a boy.

This is where Twain’s concept of the ideal way of life is first presented in the novel.

They both share a common desire to find freedom, and this leads them to help each other out, despite the fact that Jim is a runaway slave and Huck is agonizing over whether to turn Jim in or not to.

Twain uses the Wilks incident to convey man’s inhumane dishonesty and it’s repercussions.

The Duke and the Dauphin pose as the brothers of the deceased in hopes of taking Peter Wilks fortune away from his nieces.Every time the main characters Huck and Jim are away from the influences of the civilized world, Twain’s vision of the ideal way of living reveals itself to the reader.By observing the things that occur when Huck and Jim are in the influences of the civilized world and when they are not, we can see the vast differences that lie between these two elements.Jackson Island is also where Huck and Jim accidentally run into each other while running away from society.While their reasons for running away are clearly different, they decide to run away together.Civilization will alawys be imperfect, and the individual who sees this imperfection will always find freedom.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the only one of Mark Twain’s various books which can be called a masterpiece.Huckleberry Finn is, no doubt, a book which boys enjoy.I cannot speak from memory: I suspect that a fear on the part of my parents lest I should acquire a premature taste for tobacco, and perhaps other habits of the hero of the story, kept the book out of my way.This did not stop him however, from writing about it in his stories.Like his ideas on the ideal way of living, Twain’s message is simple.


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