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December 24, 1941, Malacañan Palace, shortly before the Commonwealth War Cabinet evacuated to Corregidor: Maj. Vargas; Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Jose P. People say that this is a prelude to the invasion of the Philippines.

Laurel; Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos (taking his oath of office); senator-elect Benigno S. “They’re neutralizing whatever help Formosa can give to the Japanese here when invasion comes” according to Joe.

He established a private practice in medicine and served as the head of the Lourdes Hospital after the war. Tokyo radio arrived at fifty-three American ships sunk or damaged, twenty-thousand Americans killed, and one thousand planes shot down. They say: “The Americans shouldn’t have bombed at all if they were going to stop like this.

The Philippine Diary Project has already focused on the early part of World War II in the Philippines, contrasting the eyewitness accounts of officials like Valdes and civilians: see December 24-25, 1941 In Diaries for example. Valdes; President Quezon; Secretary to the President and soon-to-be Mayor of Greater Manila Jorge B. The Manila news agency was more conservative, scattering flying leaflets in the streets and sending out a van through the city with streamers announcing the resounding victory. They are asking: Maybe there is some truth in the Japanese claims of 12 aircraft carriers sunk? It only gave the Japs a chance to spread their dumps into private houses. Only consoling note is the fact that Formosa is being bombed and rebombed.

Philippine President Sergio Osmeña (center) and General Douglas Mac Arthur (right) on board a landing craft en route to the Leyte landing beaches, October 20, 1944. Valdes, Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army and Secretary of National Defense in the Osmeña War Cabinet. The Philippine Diary Project contains diary entries from a leading figure in the Leyte Landing: Major General Basilio J. His diary, as encoded, edited, and provided to researchers by the Valdes family, provides an invaluable, first-person account of the entire Pacific War, from the outbreak of hostilities in 1941 to the restoration of the Commonwealth Government in Manila in 1945. Imperial General Headquarters reported that, once again based on inflated reports from the field, that at least three American carriers, one destroyer, and three unidentified warships were sunk, with another carrier and another warship damaged. We crossed the equator at p.m., and I was made a member of the ‘Order of the Deep’. Today’s the first anniversary of the Philippine Republic, heh, heh. Taft Avenue is exclusively for Army cars and trucks. There’s a rumor that cars, dokars and bicycles will be commandeered. They’ve taken our food, our shelter and now –transportation. I wanted them to come to make these fellows eat their words. Bombs exploded so loudly from Nichols that they could be heard in Balintawak, as a giant umbrella rose from the airfield.

In the front row with two stars on his battle helmet, is Major General Basilio J. About 240 Japanese aircraft were lost on this day both in the air and on the ground, including aircraft lost during another failed counter strike. The public had never attended such ceremonies, nor is it interested in the welfare of the Republic, which they consider to be moribund and liable to collapse anytime, either violently or by natural death. In front of Hicky’s and Gabaldon’s and the street leading to the house and beyond there are a lot of boxes under the trees. “No,” added another, “we sunk them all.” That’s why I’m disappointed. They sent a couple of carriers here to mislead the Japs, he opined. The Japanese fighter planes, emboldened by the editorial, were flying confidently overhead when the American bombers came without having learned about the sinking of their aircraft carrier.

Aquino; Manila Mayor Juan Posadas December 24-25, 1941 in Diaries This period saw the transformation of Valdes from Chief of Staff to a member of the War Cabinet, including the key role Valdes played in the escape of a hospital ship, see The Great Escape of the S. Mactan In Corregidor, the tensions of the time were also chronicled by Valdes; and it includes some acts of derring-do, for example the Evacuation of the Gold Reserves of the Commonwealth February 3, 1942. I don’t know what history books will write about this day.

This was a time of particular crisis for Filipino leaders, which you can read about in The Debate on Taking the Philippines Out of the War: February 6-12, 1942. life belts were distributed and instructions were given to us on how to use them in case of sinking. Maybe they’ll put it down as the beginning of the offensive for the reconquest of the Philippines. They looked plenty and I didn’t have time to count because AA shrapnel started raining around our garden.

On the same day, Felipe Buencamino III recounts in his diary that he suffered a relapse of the Malaria he contracted in Bataan, and that, 947 American aircraft struck several Japanese airfields at Taiwan. General Douglas Mac Arthur (right, seen in profile) on the bridge of USS Nashville (CL-43), off Leyte during the landings there in late October 1944. After a two-day naval bombardment, the US Sixth Army landed on the northeastern coast on the island of Leyte on under the command of General Walter Krueger. The beach was not good, the landing craft could not make the dry beach and we had to wade through the water beyond our knees. We transferred to the Auxiliary cruiser Blue Ridge flagship of Admiral Barbey, as the General Douglas Mac Arthur (center), accompanied by Lieutenant Generals George C. Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U. The Luneta was turned into a forest of anti-aircraft guns.

The Japanese staged a counter attack that achieved little, but inflated reports on damage inflicted on the enemy provided the Japanese leaders the false information that the counter strike sunk one aircraft carrier and one battleship; meanwhile, the Japanese admitted to only two aircraft lost. Standing in the center (also seen in profile) is Lieutenant General George C. Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U. The US 7th Fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Thomas Kinkaid provided transport and protection for the 175,000-strong landing force. General Mac Arthur and members of his staff, President Osmeña, myself, General Romulo, and Captain Madrigal left the ship and proceeded on an L. We inspected the area, and at two instances shots were fired by Japanese snipers. There was such a shower of exploded shells and stray bullets that even those who stayed in light houses could not be protected.


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