Essay On Advantages Of Online Shopping

The electronic images of a product are sometimes misleading.

The colour, appearance in real may not match with the electronic images.

There can be some kind of pressure, whereas the customers are not pressurized in any way in online stores.

Customers do not have to stand in queues in cash counters to pay for the products that have been purchased by them.

Though the duration of selecting, buying and paying for an online product may not take more than 15 minutes; the delivery of the product to customer’ s doorstep takes about 1-3 weeks.

This frustrates the customer and prevents them from shopping online.Online stores do not have space constraints and a wide variety of products can be displayed on websites.It helps the analytical buyers to purchase a product after a good search.The show room sales attendant representatives provide personal attention to customers and help them in purchasing goods.Certain online shopping mart offers service to talk to a sales representative, The traditional shopping exercise provides lot of fun in the form of show-room atmosphere, smart sales attendants, scent and sounds that cannot be experienced through a website. Consumers look forward to it as an opportunity to go out and shop.Companies display the whole range of products offered by them to attract customers with different tastes and needs.This enables the buyers to choose from a variety of models after comparing the finish, features and price of the products on display, Sometimes, price comparisons are also available online. So, time does not act as a barrier, wherever the vendor and buyers are.Customers can purchase items from the comfort of their own homes or work place.Shopping is made easier and convenient for the customer through internet. The following table depicts the factors which motivate the online shoppers to buy products online.Online consumers can track the order status and delivery status tracking of shipping is also available.To attract customers to shop online, e-tailers and marketers offer discounts to the customers.


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