Essay On Chemistry In Everyday Life

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Our bodies can synthesize some of the amino acids; however eight of them, the essential amino acids, must be taken in as part of our food.

Food scientists are also concerned with the inorganic components of food such as its water content, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Carbon has many unique properties that allow it to form complex chemical bonds and very large molecules.

Organic chemistry is known as the “Chemistry of Life” because all of the molecules that make up living tissue have carbon as part of their makeup.

Thermodynamics and quantum mechanics are two of the important branches of physical chemistry.

Organic chemistry specifically studies compounds that contain the element carbon.Water quality chemists test rivers, lakes and ocean water for characteristics such as dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity, suspended sediments, and p H.Water destined for human consumption must be free of harmful contaminants and may be treated with additives like fluoride and chlorine to increase its safety.They may also work for government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration to inspect food products and handlers to protect us from contamination or harmful practices.Food chemists test products to supply information used for the nutrition labels or to determine how packaging and storage affects the safety and quality of the food.Agricultural chemistry Agricultural chemistry is concerned with the substances and chemical reactions that are involved with the production, protection and use of crops and livestock.It is a highly interdisciplinary field that relies on ties to many other sciences.Agricultural chemists may work with the Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration or for private industry.Agricultural chemists develop fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides necessary for large-scale crop production.Carbohydrates are sugars and starches, the chemical fuels needed for our cells to function.Lipids are fats and oils and are essential parts of cell membranes and to lubricate and cushion organs within the body.


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