Essay On Importance Of Performance Appraisal

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Formalized policies detailing how an employee’s performance is graded lower stress levels, allowing employees to reach their full potential.

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Work environments bring enough stress, without the added worry about performance.

Communication forms the foundation for all lucrative business interactions.

Constructive criticism provides employees with the necessary information to improve their on-the-job performance.

Good managers give feedback that motivates employees to strive for improvement.

Consistent performance appraisals make that information easily accessible when it is time to hand out new assignments.

Hiring from within an organization keeps organizational memory strong, allowing for continuity of management styles.Performance appraisals allow management personnel to establish guidelines for compensation increases; track employee strengths and weaknesses; identify the best candidates for promotion; offer feedback for improvements; and promote training programs.Employee compensation should be directly tied to performance.Employees that go above and beyond the call of duty normally receive higher annual increases than employees that do the bare minimum.Compensation is the single best way to reward exemplary job performance.They receive positive reinforcement for a job well done and corrections when necessary to correct bad work habits.It is important for employees to know where they stand in their workplace.Performance appraisals form an essential part of the HR department as they provide important and useful information for the assessment of employee’s skill, knowledge, ability and overall job performance.These appraisals are not only used to eliminate behavior and productivity issues, but also to motivate employees to contribute more.Unfortunately, not every applicant has the skill set needed to make the transition to a higher position.Quarterly, or even annual, appraisals allow hiring managers to look back over the applicant’s entire work history and find the best internal candidates for a promotion.


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