Essay On Merits And Demerits Of Mass Media

Essay On Merits And Demerits Of Mass Media-64
The media has the resources to expose injustices, corruption, or abuse of power that an average citizen would never be able to expose. The media has uncovered events where elected officials have been using government workers to campaign for them while they are supposedly working on the government business.The media has uncovered scams where people try to take our money dishonestly.

Media is made up of people like us who are reporting to us hence we can relate to them and make a certain opinion about an issue.

Its main functions are to spread awareness and inform.

It is very easy for people to use the media to make false claims or make claims that are only half true.

Political candidates sometimes do this, and we recently saw a high-profile news reporter do this.

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Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team.Media includes every broadcasting medium such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax, and internet.Every sphere of life has the aspect of media in it, even in school, children are expected to have a certain understanding of some technologies or software’s and read the newspaper daily.Creativity and uniqueness has become something that is looked upon as bad in the media.The major advantage of the modern mass media is that it can provide us with huge amounts of news and of entertainment quite easily.This enriches our lives because it makes us better informed and it gives us things to do at all times. Culturally, having a mass media can push us towards having a single culture.It can destroy regional cultures within a country and diminish the differences between different nations.On the flip side of all the great things the media offers us, there are many dangers to be seen with how much media we are exposed to.Too much information can cause mass panic in some cases.If there is a wide outbreak of some mysterious illness in a foreign part of the world, then some people may become panicked that the illness might come to where they live.The media can also be a bad thing with our children.


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