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The prisoners turn cold hearted and cruel towards each other because now their only concern is survival.

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Because Eliezer believed that his father would die without his support was his one sole reason for not letting the Gestapo kill him in many instances.

The story Night takes you on a heart-wrenching story about the events Eliezer must face in order to survive the concentration camps.

Another strong theme from the book is the importance of family bonds, especially if that’s all you have left in harsh conditions.

Eliezer has a hard time watching the other families interact because they no longer share a special bond of love but instead share the idea of selfishness.

Their love and commitment for each other makes up for the lack of faith in God Eliezer feels.

So instead Eliezer focuses on his father’s respect to all the other people stuck in the same predicament as him.

It’s in these moments that Eliezer has lost all faith he had in humanity and religion, which he had previously learned from Moshe.

Because of this our protagonists feels as though he has been mislead and lied to about he true nature of human beings and the world around him.

At the beginning of the war Eliezer was dedicated and absolute in his belief of God, but throughout the events of World War II his faith slowly starts to wither away.

Eliezer’s main conflict that governs the story would be sustaining his belief in God.


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