Essay On Physics Technology And Society

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When people had no idea about science, even then their lives were governed by principles of different branches of science.

When we light a fire, it is a chemical process; when we eat and digest food, it is biological process; when we walk on Erath, it is governed by laws of physics; when an Earthquake occurs, it’s a seismic activity; when we talk about different terrains and gems of Earth surface, it is related to Geology.

Walking A number of principles of physics are involved in simple act of walking.

It involves concepts of weight, Newton’s three laws of inertia, friction, gravitational law and potential and kinetic energy.

Only 65 percent of energy is provided by stored potential energy to take next step, remaining 35 percent is provided by bio chemical processes.

(Kunzig, 2001) When we walk we actually do some work in physical terms, as W=F*S, when we exert some force and as a result of it we cover some distance we actually do work.During walking, Newton’s three laws of motion are applied.First law of motion states that, a body remains in state of rest unless a force is applied on it. Body needs largest amount of force to get out of state of inertia, i.e when we start walking.An integrative approach was followed, connecting RESTS elements closely to the content of the programmes, and raising reflexive questions ‘from within’, as a natural element of the work in a specific field.The strength of the Twente approach is precisely in this close connection between education in academic reflection and the discipline-specific content of the programmes.When another step is taken, the stored potential energy is converted to kinetic energy and this process continues.We act as an imperfect pendulum, because all potential energy is not converted into kinetic energy.There is no single activity of our lives, which define our one or other field of science.Similarly, physics governs our everyday lives and is involved in a number of activities we perform and things we use in our daily life.We can explain our several activities by making use of the knowledge of Physics.Here, we will discuss some of the example, which will help us to learn how physics is playing its part in our lives each day.


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