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One night, Brinker and a group of boys appear in Gene and Finny’s dorm room and summon them to one of the campus’s classroom buildings for an illicit trial, in which Brinker accuses Gene of shaking the branch.Disturbed and upset, Finny storms out of the makeshift courtroom and, unsteady on his cane, falls down the long, marble staircase outside.One night, Gene realizes that his ongoing competition with his friend has been entirely one-sided.

Think, for example, of the importance of where and when you eat.

It would be pretty bizarre to eat your breakfast under the kitchen table at two o'clock in the morning, especially if you were to be discovered by someone.

When Finny returns to school, the two continue their friendship as Gene grapples with his conscience.

Their mutual friend and classmate Brinker Hadley insinuates that he suspects that Gene may have purposely caused Finny’s accident.

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In the summer of 1943, Gene and Phineas (or “Finny”) are roommates and best friends.

They are sixteen and too young to enlist in the military or be drafted, but are on the cusp of the final year at school in which the curriculum focuses in earnest on training boys for the military.

Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like War Encroaching on Peace and Competition and Rivalry., by John Knowles, depicts a teenager’s coming-of-age at a New England boy’s boarding school during the final years of World War II.

The novel explores peace and conflict in a space that is both isolated from the war and beginning to feel the compromise as the war encroaches on the campus in both literal and figurative ways.


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