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It is an academic assignment in which you have to present research-based facts, arguments and counterarguments.

It is an academic assignment in which you have to present research-based facts, arguments and counterarguments.

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You don’t need to show your wits in the paper or provide irrational reasons that make no sense.In most cases, this will cause a red flag to admissions counselors because one, they believe you are simply trying to show off and, two, an adult may have significantly altered your personal statement. Don't write a generic essay - admissions counselors will see thousands of these.Instead, be a bit daring or controversial, and take a unique perspective, point of view, style of writing or angle - this way, you will stand out at the very least.Writing about how riding a horse helped to shape who you are, however, strays from the topic. Simply do not state facts about yourself throughout the essay; rather illustrate these facts about yourself through clever placement and use of examples and anecdotes as well as syntax structure.Using details as "the warm, ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies" instead of "the hot cookies" appeals much more to the reader. Use your own voice and style of writing because that is who the admissions counselor wants to see!Rather, use vivid details, imagery, examples and ideas to create a picture of who you are.use excessive SAT vocabulary words to make you seem smart. Avoid the cliches and such in order to ensure that you show the admissions counselors who you truly are.Stick to facts and incorporate a professional, concise and straightforward approach throughout.Discuss the idea, approach and methodologies involved in research and provide reasons to justify each as to why you think it goes in sync with the demands of your paper.In doing so, you may simply be repeating your extracurricular list and your overall application.Figure out how you can creatively attack the prompt, while giving your personal statement a focus on your personal qualities and attributes.


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