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The Trevelan Committee in Britain recommended that “as an indispensable means of attracting able young men into the service, admission should be placed on basis of competitive examinations open to all administered by an independent Central Board.”Experience has shown that the competitive examination system has proved the more satisfactory method of selection for the civil service.Another important principle for the recruitment is that entrance to the public service should normally be at the age, when, in a similar position in ordinary life, a young man or woman expects to earn a living.Such a classification and standardisation help to settle the questions of pay, line of promotion, requirements of transfer and other day-to-day matters concerning the service.

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From this stems the measuring everything from government branches to the performance of school systems.

Another major key aspect of Public Administration is to have trust.

According to Laski, the Administrative Services “must live under the aegis of two rules.” In the first place, the executive should possess the least control over the appointment of public officials.

When appointments are left to the exclusive control of the political executive, it is a prolific source of corruption in public life.

This testing lasted through the middle of the 20th century.

Then there was a man by the name of Herbert Simon that figured out why none of these theories were found to be the best way.

Before the Haileybury experiment, Civil Service in Britain had little to commend itself.

Unless the public service is beyond the reach of the political executive, it is inevitable that the mind of the minister should be devoted not only to the problems of his office, but to the need of rewarding his followers.

"The Perpetual Pursuit of Purpose: PA – State of the Discipline II" Once the government came to the realization that it has the responsibility to meet the needs of the citizens, Public Administration was shaped.

When this theory was first brought into fruition it was tested and modified in many different ways in order to find the perfect way to "Administrate".


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