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The percentage of infertility in couple in US and UK are quite high compared compared with 2 to 6 percent of couples in India who have been classified as technically infertile.The derivatives have been arrived at after failure to conceive, even after several years of unprotected sex.

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The second is Host Mothering; this is where a surrogate carries the genetic child of someone else.

This could be both the husband and wife of the couple, alternatively, one or both of the genetic parents could be an anonymous sperm or egg donor.

In the case of a surrogate mother, she carries a foetus and bears a child on behalf of another person or couple, having agreed to surrender that child to them at birth or shortly afterwards.

The act of one woman bearing a child for another is almost as old as child birth itself, and it was even mentioned in the bible.

Nirmala, a 30 year old woman from Chandigarh planned to ‘rent out her womb’ and the reports highlighted by the media were received with dismay.

Her unconventional plans to raise money for the treatment of her husband raised many eyebrows and the legal, social and ethical ramifications of the latest technologies being introduced were questioned.However in the 1980s surrogacy became one of the most controversial forms of baby making.Technically it is very simple, but far more complicated legally and ethically (Downie, 1988).Traditionally the surrogate mother is usually a close relative who is looked after and taken care of and there is no financial obligation involved.However with the times changing and relatives not readily available to suffer the discomfort and pain involved, the services of surrogate mothers have assumed pecuniary overtones.The resulting embryos are then implanted in the woman’s or surrogate mother’s womb.The techniques today have in-vitro fertilization being used to achieve pregnancy in a petri dish.Since the birth of the first test tube baby in 1978 there have been demands for promulgation of laws to solve the disputes which were likely to crop up as derivatives of modern techniques.The infertility related private health care systems have become one big money squeezing industry which is totally unregulated and based on profitability rather than need.The rarity of the surrogate practice has still not raised the storm of controversies it should have but the scenario is fast becoming demanding and our laws should be prepared to deal with eventualities.The World Health Organization conducted a worldwide survey the details of which are every informative.


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