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"Our overall advice to states considering making college tuition free, which of course we're very much in favor of, is to make the program -- if you really want it to have impact -- as universal and as limited in its eligibility requirements as possible," Winograd said.

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Rosye Cloud, vice president of strategy and innovation for the College Promise advocacy group, said in an email that each state must determine its own criteria for eligibility when creating programs such as this.

"We support student access and success through promoting and expanding Promise programs," Cloud said.

However, drug testing all those applying for eligibility has been challenged frequently in the courts. Winograd said there could be a variety of reasons why West Virginia lawmakers were particularly interested in this policy, but that one could be continued concern for drug-abuse issues in the state.

"It's not an uncommon thing to have in workplaces, but I think people are thinking about substance-abuse drugs, but in West Virginia they could've easily been thinking about opioid addiction, which is a huge problem in that state," Winograd said.

“The program covers all 1,300 officers and personnel at the central office, 3,800 in the regional offices, and 26,000 in schools division offices.

It also covers a sample population of all teachers, numbering 10,000, and a sample population of all secondary students, numbering 21,000.In March, the state Legislature passed West Virginia Invests -- legislation allowing students in the state to attend public colleges with qualifying certificate and associate degrees tuition-free.However, among the eligibility requirements to receive this benefit is passing a drug test, including for marijuana use, before the beginning of the semester.The drug tests won't deem a student ineligible for prescription medicines, which could include medical marijuana, according to local media reports.Many states have standards related to minimum grade point average or family income to enter the program.Some states require students to pledge to remain working in their respective state after completing the program, with the hopes of supporting economic growth.However, Morley Winograd, president of the Campaign for Free College Tuition, said his organization recommends that programs should have the least rigid eligibility requirements possible.This move was sought after they arrested a 10-year old suspected drug user. Based on our operation, yung bata na gumagamit ng illegal drugs is as early as 10 years old,” he said on Thursday. Based on our operation, a child that used illegal drugs is as early as 10 years old.] Aquino said it is up to the Dep Ed if they would take up the recommendation.The PDEA Chief also wanted the Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act amended to make school officials, teachers, and students undergo mandatory and surprise drug testing.There are considerable related costs for capacity-building and mobilization for the conduct of the drug testing,” said the Dep Ed.Dep Ed cited that it has an ongoing drug testing program that started in the previous school year and end after the current school year, in 2019.


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