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Studies have shown a link between cancer and smoking, heart disease and smoking, COPD/Lung diseases and smoking, and pregnant women/low birth weights/issues and smoking.Smoking damages DNA due to poisons found in the tobacco smoke.

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Many workplaces do not have a designated smoke area for its employees, which can create an unappealing workplace....

[tags: Smoking, Passive smoking, Tobacco, Cigarette] - On October 17, 2013, a Sioux Native American man named Nathan passed away at the age of 53 due toof severe lung disease (“Nathan’s Biography,” 2015).

That is a less than then breast and colon cancer combined.

The leading cause of lung cancer in the United States is smoking tobacco.

Although teens should not be smoking in the first place, an adult figure should be around to help insure that their children are doing the right things, even when they are behind sealed doors with their peers....

[tags: Tobacco smoking, Nicotine, Smoking, Cigarette] - Smoking kills every year, more than the number of deaths from car accidents, drugs, alcohol, AIDS and fire accidents combined together.- Teen Smoking In recent years, smoking has started to take over the lives of many teenagers.The number of teenagers smoking has increased dramatically in the last several years.[tags: Nicotine, Smoking, Tobacco, Tobacco smoking] - Someone you might know, whether your grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, or even yourself, smokes or has smoked cigarettes.If you haven’t yourself, you’ve seen the effects and consequences one can encounter.When you smoke a cigarette you are inhaling the nicotine at a very high rate in which allows it to go through your blood stream faster.Some might say that smoking just affects themselves, although they are highly incorrect....It can lead to harmful diseases such as cardiovascular disease, which causes heart conditions.Second-hand smoke is caused by smoking, which can harm children and adults that inhale or exhale smoke that surrounds them.This is a major problem because smoking can lead to sickness and major diseases that can lead to death.Teens tend to participate in this while out of the presence of an adult figure.


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