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His alienation does not stop him dreaming of being accepted by humans.

He sees Safie, also an alien, being accepted, but she is beautiful, not a hideous monster.

Alienation is the cause of the Creature’s unhappiness.

Because he was created unnaturally, by man, he was set apart.

He was not created out of love between a man and a woman, and conceived in the womb, but in a ‘workshop of filthy creation’, the result of Victor Frankenstein’s obsessive ambition to create life himself.

The Creature is alienated from his creator, when Victor rejects and abandons him as soon as he has given him life, just because of how he looks, ‘unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I rushed out of the room.’ Later on in the novel, the Creature realises this, when he reads Victor’s journal, which describes Victor’s repulsion for his creature, so he is alienated by hatred for his appearance.The novel was written in answer to a challenge, by Lord Byron, to write a ghost story, when he, Polidori, PB Shelley and Mary Shelley were staying near Lake Geneva in the Swiss Alps.Mary Shelley determined to write a story that would ‘curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart’. It does not deal with ghosts; Shelley argues that real horror does not derive from the supernatural, real horror arises from reality – the reality of the dangers of modern science.Victor is clearly representative of society in that he is shallow and judges people by physical appearance.Through her depiction of the Creature’s alienation, Shelley shows an outraged awareness of injustice.When the novel was written a scientific revolution was taking place.Advances in electricity and biology were causing some concern as people were actually discussing the possibility of bringing the dead back to life.She was created naturally so perhaps the Creature’s hideous appearance could reflect his unnatural origins. His appearance is the sole cause of his alienation and ultimate unhappiness.The Creature’s alienation leads him to live in the forests, and sneak around during the night so he can keep out of sight.When the creature takes refuge in a hovel, next to the De Lacey’s cottage, he begins to learn about people.He also learns to speak, and hopes to win them over by the ‘beauty of his soul’.


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