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The fact that it was written in 1949 is amazing as many of the things that Orwell prophesied have come to pass in the decades since.Nineteen Eighty-Four, is considered Orwell's greatest work; it has become a Bible for many around the world because it makes a bold statement about humanity.S.'s programs of phone-record surveillance, illegal wiretapping, massive data mining, a national ID card no one wants and Patriot Act abuses, one can make that case.

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There's no single government entity bringing this together, but there doesn't have to be.

As Neal Stephenson said, the threat is no longer Big Brother, but instead thousands of Little Brothers.

Of course these companies will take advantage of a national ID; they'd be stupid not to. Today, there's no reason to have anyone watch anyone else; computers can do the work of people. And finally, the police state of 1984 was deliberately constructed, while today's is naturally emergent.

And the correlations, data mining and precise categorizing they can do is why the U. There's no reason to postulate a malicious police force and a government trying to subvert our freedoms.

George Orwell extrapolated his totalitarian state from the 1940s.

Today's information society looks nothing like Orwell's world, and watching and intimidating a population today isn't anything like what Winston Smith experienced.

In both societies, what is allowed to be viewed is widely monitored and all activity of citizens in highly watched, giving access to only that which is provided by those with power.

This again, shows the idea of how the people with power control the society.

In Oceana’s society, those who control the power are the one’s who control the past, present, and future.

The society of nineteen eighty-four could be seen as an example of our future society once those with The quote about censorship in North Korea shows much similarity to that of Oceana.


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