Essays On The Importance Of Education

Essays On The Importance Of Education-89
Notwithstanding the value of the activity for the individual and for society, government imposition of an activity makes it a duty, not a right.However, unlike compulsory activities such as military service, where applicable, the duty associated with education is not placed on the individual participating in the activity, i.e. In the case of education, the duty is placed on the state in terms of ensuring that individual children are provided with an education.

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[2] Schooling has unique power to contribute to equality of opportunity…[it] cannot create an equal society on its own; but unless we make the necessary changes in schooling, and specifically in the way that we organize teaching and learning, then we will not make a more equal society[3] Although offering different explanations of the importance of education, the three authors selected in this essay all focus on the importance of education as a key tool to successfully integrate an individual into society.

Other authors highlight the importance of education with regards the empowerment of individuals and in allowing children and adults to reach their full potential.

As will be observed later in this essay, education is broadly considered by society and by regulators as a right.

Essays On The Importance Of Education

An overwhelming majority of the legal texts consulted for this essay present education, particularly in the case of children, as an inalienable right.Legislators have attached, as we will see later in this essay,much importance to guaranteeing universal access to education, to the extent that many governments nowadays make school attendance compulsory.Arguably, once a right or a desirable activity is made compulsory and the failure to perform this activity is punishable, the very activity is no longer a right but an obligation or a duty.For example, within some extremist factions of Islam, education is not a right and not even desirable for certain segments of the population: i.e. By globalising the characterisation of education as a right, we may be disregarding the views of other cultures and religions on this issue.Another approach to the status of education is to consider it as a duty.However, other visions of the ontological status of education are under-represented in the literature covering this topic.It is therefore important not to view as settled that education is indeed a right, and to question the premise accepted by the majority.This education should be adapted to the age, ability and aptitude of the child.It contemplates the provision of education to children with special needs and the possibility of parents enrolling their child in a regular school or facilitating access to education in a different form.[4] On a global scale, the most important set of regulations relating to education and its provision are found in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child[5] and in article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights[6].The second part of the essay will also be structured in four parts: Factors limiting school attendance and jeopardizing the right (or duty) to education; methods used to improve school attendance; pros and cons of the use of legal enforcement to improve school attendance and; comparison of legal enforcement with other methods to improve school attendance.Our analysis of these topics will be limited to primary and secondary education.


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