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The first group I asked was composed of art teachers.

The second group of responses were given by art students. The primary purpose of Art One, according to the responses I received from art teachers, is for students to learn the basics, the E’s and P’s, often starting with drawing.

Though not a scientific poll, I did gather information from several places to create the following list.

The reasons cited are listed in order from most often given to least often given.

How should we then, as art teachers, view the class as a whole?

What framework should we work with to ensure all these beginning students are getting what they need?Though many teachers did site encouragement as a purpose, it still was cited less than the need for Art One as a requirement. Perhaps we continue to teach the same things we have always taught in the same way.On the other hand, maybe we should take these students’ points into consideration.Students were overwhelmingly more concerned with learning if art was right for them.This was followed closely by seeing Art One as a place for experimentation and growth.A very small fraction of art teachers described Art One as a place to weed out those students who should not move on to upper level classes.The overwhelming majority of students who responded to the survey stated that the purpose of Art One is to help them decide if they like art.Art teachers would like to think that all students that register for their classes are destined for Art College and beyond. High school students find themselves taking art for several different reasons. Others think art is a great way to earn an easy “A”.Still others know it looks good on a college application.Keeping some projects more open to the input of the student’s ideas would be helpful.” Though both teachers and students noted similar purposes for Art One, the striking difference is the order.While teachers stated that teaching techniques and the elements and principles as the number one purpose, students listed it as least important.


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