Essays Symbolism In The Metamorphosis

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Most distinct food symbols are culturally driven and not necessarily stable in time.

For example, fish used to be considered lesser food in medieval times.

The motif of the transformation is present into our collective consciousness since ancient times; from the nymph Daphne who asked to be changed into a tree, so she could escape Apollo to the cult movie The Fly (1986), by David Cronenberg.

The unsettling bit about Kafka’s metamorphosis is the absence of a reason or cause behind it: Gregor Samsa simply awakes transformed.

Attempting to summarize it will surely be a failure; a long, explanatory paragraph recapping the book would not be enough.

I’ll just leave the esteemed reader with the first sentence: “.” Metamorhposis is a Greek word, which literal translation is change of shape.

The uniform the father wears for his job symbolizes the father’s dignity, as well as Gregor’s shifting feelings of pity and respect for him.

Throughout the story, we see the father primarily from Gregor’s point of view.

Eventually, however, the work suggests that the family loses interest in feeding Gregor.

One night, after the borders have moved in, the charwoman leaves his door open, and able to see everyone gathered, he watches as his mother feeds the borders.


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