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While Matt may have perceived this as a "disconnect," we never did find out Rosie's perspective of Matt's contribution and later reflections (¶17).

While Matt may have perceived this as a "disconnect," we never did find out Rosie's perspective of Matt's contribution and later reflections (¶17).

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In research it is the right of all participating volunteers to opt out of a project at any time without repercussions from the researchers conducting the research.

There is no ethical dilemma here for the researchers.

From this situated learning perspective, novice teachers begin their learning trajectory as legitimate peripheral participants in a community of teaching practitioners.

They move closer to the center of this community as they progressively demonstrate effective implementation of those practices considered by its members as markers of membership. Accordingly, it is unrealistic for an intern—in this case, Matt—to believe he should begin his relationship with a fully-fledged member of the community on an equal professional footing (¶15).

Of course one should expect views to be shared in curriculum co-planning meetings, but this should not translate into the false expectation that the intern's contribution would necessarily hold the same weight as his more experienced coteacher (i.e., Rosie).

This was not an ethical dilemma so much; it was an implementation problem for program coordinators who recognized a difference in expectations rather than a collision of philosophies.

research ethics, coteaching, teacher education Table of Contents 1. Some Contradictions 2.1 False expectations rather than "colliding philosophies" 2.2 Implementation problems or ethical dilemmas? Ethical Dilemmas 3.1 Researcher positioning 3.2 Power differentials 3.3 Caring for research subjects/participants 4. Introduction Coteaching as a model of teacher preparation and professional development allows teachers to experience the classroom at the elbows of another practitioner and thereby develop a sense of practice they both share from the perspective of the other (ROTH, 2001).

The coteaching projects implemented to date have mostly been small-scale case studies featuring the profes and JUCK (2006) report on the ethical dilemmas they encountered as participants in a large project that involved the implementation of a coteaching model for interns in a teacher education program.

However, several research ethical dilemmas stemmed from Kate's dual role as program coordinator and chief investigator of the research. She also recognized for herself the need to stand back from data that involved those staff, particularly Sheila and Sam, for whom she supervised in the program.

This action and her conflicting roles created research ethical dilemmas that were left unresolved in the paper.


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