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The observation point selected was the back corner of the smoking section of Denny's.This ensured that the researcher had a full view of the smoking area, and that all actions and activities could be seen without a blind spot, thus ensuring that the researcher had a full field of vision in order to be able to work to carry out their observations for the purposes of this study.It discusses the observations made at a specific field site, Denny's, and discuss the physical setting, the background, the manners of dress, and body language of the individuals present, along with the technological dependence of those observed.

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The first thing noticed about her was her winning smile.

Though it was easy to see that she did get flustered, she always had a true smile on her face.

The man was wearing a t-shirt with the words "Sarcasm: a service I provide" on it.

The woman was wearing a black tank top with random silver swirls printed on it and a black hoodie.

He was sitting, hunched over the table with a cup of coffee between his hands.

He looked as though he had not showered in several days; his clothes were well worn, patched, and dirty.

Denny's was chosen as the ideal location due to the fact that it hosts individuals from all income ranges and all walks of life, making it one of the few places that will serve to provide an accurate sampling of the total population in the area.

Additional reasons for the selection of Denny's on the part of the researcher included a desire for French fries smothered in cheese and a limited availability of open locations serving this food at this time of night.

There were also two tablets turned on sitting on the table and three smart phones sitting on the table as well.

All three individuals, all males, were wearing dark blue jeans.


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