Expository Essay Cyber Bullying

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The excessive use of social media has brought about an abundance of stress and unhappiness in teens, and there is no excuse for that.

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All of these thoughts and emotions bottled up inside the mind of a teen can become emotionally damaging.

The overuse of social media makes teens want to interact less and less in person; this can evoke a lack of social skills leading to social anxiety.

Kimberly Young, a clinical director of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery, estimates 5 to 10 percent of Americans suffer from internet addiction. The accessibility onto websites such as twitter, facebook, and instagram should not be so effortless.

The most important, meaningful issue to me is that social media can cause a great deal of mental health problems in adolescents.

It is indeed possible to become addicted to social media.

Some people believe that social media addiction is a myth, while others argue that it is a real thing.

While addiction is most definitely a mental issue, an even more serious problem that can come out of the overuse of social media is anxiety.

Anxiety is found to generally induce other mental illnesses such as depression.

The cyberbullying present online has hurt the lives of numerous teens in more ways than imagined.

Social media has caused the mental health of young people to deteriorate.


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