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But both New York and Paris are, at their core, urban myths, in the sense that Georges Sorel used the term, which is to say, “systems of images” more than blueprints.

Le Corbusier emphasized among Buenos Aires’s unique characteristics the tiny houses erected by Italian artisans, simple little houses, that can easily be reduced to basic geometric forms.

When you add the EE to the possibility of looking at the labs, To K, commentaries, coursework, orals, and presentations that come after the holiday, you have a stack of work ahead.

These become Primary Sources and guess what..examiners like them. They tell you how to get the best marks for the essay.

One of OSC’s experienced IB teachers, and Extended Essay examiner, Tim Williams, has given his view on how to ‘deal with the curse of the Extended Essay’ and how to get ahead this summer. Get the bibliography up-to-date, and in the right format. Write 20 polite notes to contacts of your parents, their friends, your teachers, researchers, local universities, libraries, website owners… Do you have what you need as evidence to prove those two sentences?

Long warm days…hammocks…the beach…warm nights…and…the Extended Essay…Right. This is something your school would have told you how to do. Even meet a couple of them, ask prepared intelligent questions. Check it with your Granny – does she understand the question and the answer? Once you have the shape of the whole EE in your head, all the work you do just slides into place instead of needing constant re-arranging, storing, sorting, thinking about what matters…Re-read the Criteria and the notes with them.

Initiatives sprang forth that could not easily be reduced to copying a single model but the creation of a city that could function as a modern metropolitan center.

The profile of the Buenos Aires imagined by the elites and which they managed, in part, to build, has its originality in the combination of different technological, urban, and aesthetic models.

There abound, in the richest quarters, the French-style petits-hotels, with their slate rooftiles, but these do not set the tone of the city anymore than do the Italianate Casa de Gobierno, the eclectic Teatro Colón or the Congress building, the disciplined modern style of her first skyscrapers, or the English-style flourishes found at several suburban train stations.

The Buenos Aires Zoo is a miniature city that evokes the stylistic mélange of the city that hosts it: Norman pavilions, pagodas, serpentariums that take their inspiration from industrial architecture or the world fairs. She founded her magazine , for decades the most prestigious on the continent, at the urging of her American friend Waldo Frank and after experiencing the shock of the New York cultural scene.


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