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This will have an immense impact on not only the marketing of your line, but the manufacturing of it too!It's easy to feel overwhelmed when looking at a designer collection and think that you need to produce a huge range of completely different garments per collection. Remember, changing minor details on the pattern, or using a different fabric or simply just a different colour can totally change the feel of a garment.

Or if you are intent on using only the highest quality fabrics, you need a clear strategy for reaching out to a high end market.

Another important part of your range plan needs to be where you are sourcing your fabrics from.

There are tons of resources online to help you with a range plan, so I'm not that interested in taking you through it.

But I'd like to take a quick look at WHY you need one in the first place, so instead of just going through the motions, you can actually get to grips with your business and set yourself up for success.

That's definitely something you need to consider in your range plan, so don't just look at the initial price.

At Offset Warehouse we include a tiered pricing system on our fabrics so you know straight off the bat how much cheaper it is to buy in bulk.

The biggest factors when pricing your line are raw material and production costs.

Remember, if a garment has a more complicated pattern or the sewing together is quite labour intensive, then your production will take longer, meaning costs will be higher. For example, if you have one or two more complicated pieces in the collection, you may have a few really simple designs that are super quick to make. You may want to use a few luxury fabrics mixed with some cheaper lines so you can stick to an overall budget.

The plan outlines the specifics of your collection; from how many styles you will have, to what fabrics and colourways will be used. This is incredibly useful for you to follow as a designer but most importantly it gives potential buyers a clear understanding of your vision.

Range plans usually include: While this can seem overwhelming, take it from me, it doesn't have to be.


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