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While I’d like to teach you today about conscious creation, registration is the inherent nature of photography.But the way we modify and modulate light before it hits the sensor, as well as the entire process after it, is all up to us and not the camera manufacturer.It helps us to navigate the physical world without getting an information overload about things that do not matter at a given time.

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To be called an artist, let’s say a creator of art, Merriam Webster’s dictionary further requires us to be skillful or knowledgeable about a subject.

To those who are talented or gifted photographers, creating images that are appealing to others can be relatively easy, while others struggle to translate anything they see in the 3D world to a two-dimensional photo.

Art, in a strict sense, can simply not exist without conscious creation.

Like some sort of beautiful apparition, the magically appearing photograph is the discovery of your camera's capabilities but not your own.

To be perfectly honest, my own thalamus (brain filter) can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

I always see the world through some fantasy created by others.A spider had spun a web that glittered brilliantly in the soft morning light.As he fastened his tripod and waited a pre-calculated 1/30th of a second for the exposure to complete, he wondered what the picture would look like.All I see are heaps of deadwood and stripes of trees.” Everything we see is passing through a filter in the back of our minds (it’s actually the thalamus in the center of our brain, but so goes the expression).That filter is made from everything we have ever learned about what is important to notice and what is not.For example, I can’t help the affection I feel for 19th century German landscape painters.And I’m deeply inspired by both the cinematography of the Lord of the Rings and the collectible card game Magic the Gathering.Art is, by its very definition, created by a human cognitive process.It doesn't really matter whether or not a certain amount of effort was involved in its creation, as long as it is made through human thought processes and by human hands and actions.Shortly after wrapping up a lecture on the creation of photographic art in the Dutch local landscape, I got into an interesting conversation about the nature of photography.One of the photographers in the crowd was positively lyrical about how his camera captured a certain subject.


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