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For example: The impacts of pet therapy on human health--By Publication Date: Order your sources by publication date if the order demonstrates a more important trend.You could order the review of the literature on women's reproductive rights if there is a noticeable shift in policy surrounding your topic. A literature review is an integrated analysis-- not just a summary-- of scholarly writings that are related directly to your research question.

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Thesis statement: This is not the same as the thesis statements made in research papers, or scientific articles.

A thesis statement within a literary review should present the theme, debate, or trend that makes up the topic of the literary review.

For more detailed information, visit UWF Libraries' Research Guide on the Literature Review: Organizing/Writing.

Chronologically (by event/trend): Writing about materials based on when they were published.

This is only appropriate if there is already a clear path of research and your research adds to this path .

EX: Writing a literature review that focuses on continuing research about trends of physician-assisted suicide after Vermont passed the first aide in dying law.Thematically (categorically): Literature is organized around a topic or issue rather than the progression of time.This type of review can be organized chronologically but you literature can also fall "out of order" based on the point you are making.This is different than a research paper in that a literary review does not add anything new to the field.It simply collects the major and contributing work already done, and presents the body of work as it is.An organized and compiled list of source material makes notations easier in the writing process.After the theme has been decided, a thesis statement developed, and the research collected, the outline can be completed.Methodology: This type of review focuses on the methods used by the researcher.The methods used will influence how the topic is discussed.If the audience knows more than you do, your purpose is to demonstrate familiarity, expertise, and intelligence with the topic.In your review of literature you are expected to do the following: The Literature Review must be well structured, and your ideas must flow logically from one point to the next.


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