Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay

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His 1920 vice-presidential hopes on the Democratic ticket with James Cox were likewise disappointed.In a way, it also helped Roosevelt feel more sympathetic towards other people with hardships of their own, which helped him become closer with his community.Roosevelt had a very challenging and emotional upbringing that helped him develop into a strong leader who had a firm leadership style but also a sensitive side towards the people, which proved to be useful throughout his presidency.Roosevelt's principal activities during wartime, aside from his position as commander-in-chief of the U. armed forces, included his diplomatic role in the alliance with Britain and the Soviet Union.Roosevelt's meeting with Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin at Teheran in 1943 resulted in a U. promise to provide a second front in the European theater via an invasion of German-controlled France.FDR displayed his strong yet caring leadership style all throughout his presidency, helping the country through some of the toughest times in its history."Roosevelt was elected during hard times, and his task, while daunting, was unmistakable.He had to get a nation that was experiencing massive unemployment back to work and put a safety net under those who had been cut adrift by the economy and had no means of support" (Mills).FDR already had this major crisis, the Great Depression, in his hands right when he swore in as president, which proved to be difficult.He was educated privately until the age of fourteen, when he entered Groton.He attended Harvard University beginning in 1900, and there was engaged to Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, a distant cousin.


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