Fsu College Application Essay

Disclaimer: This paper has been submitted by a student.

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I hope that this letter has painted a vivid picture of a leader and a worthy candidate for your institution.

One who is responsible, committed and determined to succeed in education and in all aspects of my higher level of education and in general.

With balancing school and also having a part-time job shows that I am able to balance and maintain focus.

Although I struggle with the standardized test (SAT and ACT), I believe that the anxiety testing brings causes me to not score according to my liking.If given the opportunity I will excel in any capacity provided the correct aids are utilized to allow me the chance to prove me the chance to explore.Not only an I good academically I am involved in college prep programs such as TRIO & Communities In Schools, Prom Committee, Student Government & FCCLA.Once you're ready to apply, review our admission standards, and application requirements to determine how to apply.Ready to take the next step towards advancing your current career path, expanding your professional options, exploring a new calling, or just challenging yourself? Click below to find out more about the 35 Graduate Degree and Certificate programs that FSU has to offer on-campus and online.I have applied, submitted my application fees and my test scores.My test scores were not the highest to meet the minimum requirements for your school but holistically, I am a good student.Take the next step and find out if FSU is the right fit.Schedule a visit of our traditional New England campus - it's the best way to experience FSU's community and programs.Continuing Education at Framingham State University offers students the flexibility to mix both online and evening courses in pursuit of an undergraduate degree or certificate.We will help you pursue your goals whether you are looking to complete your degree, starting a career, upgrading your professional skills, pursuing a career change or seeking personal enrichment.


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