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This became known as the "Grubb-Niedrach fuel cell". This system used potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte and compressed hydrogen and oxygen as the reactants. In recognition of the fuel cell industry and America’s role in fuel cell development, the US Senate recognized 8 October 2015 as National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, passing S. The date was chosen in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008).GE went on to develop this technology with NASA and Mc Donnell Aircraft, leading to its use during Project Gemini. In 1959, a team led by Harry Ihrig built a 15 k W fuel cell tractor for Allis-Chalmers, which was demonstrated across the U. Later in 1959, Bacon and his colleagues demonstrated a practical five-kilowatt unit capable of powering a welding machine. Fuel cells come in many varieties; however, they all work in the same general manner.The first references to hydrogen fuel cells appeared in 1838.

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Since then, fuel cells have been used in many other applications.

Fuel cells are used for primary and backup power for commercial, industrial and residential buildings and in remote or inaccessible areas.

The energy efficiency of a fuel cell is generally between 40–60%; however, if waste heat is captured in a cogeneration scheme, efficiencies of up to 85% can be obtained.

The fuel cell market is growing, and in 2013 Pike Research estimated that the stationary fuel cell market will reach 50 GW by 2020.

The renewable power plants, therefore, are either required to be over-engineered to take account of this power fluctuation or must be supported by typically fast-response open-cycle gas turbines (going against the low CO emission).

Ideally, excess renewable energy generated during times of plenty can be stored in hydrogen and batteries for use during periods of insufficient electricity availability.

SOFCs are advanced power generation systems that have demonstrated 700°C) with high efficiency, fuel flexibility, and significant reduction in greenhouse gases. Boldrin has captured most of the material issues and challenges The next special topic on SOFCs will be published in November 2019, organized by Soumendra Basu and Amit Pandey.

The demonstration of the viability of long-term stable operation of SOFCs on hydrocarbon fuels (natural gas, methanol, ethanol, and other renewable biofuels) offers additional benefits in terms of infrastructure support ranging from distributed generation to combined heat and power to automotive auxiliary power systems. Details are available at org/Editorial Calendar; search for “November” to see this topic.

They are made up of three adjacent segments: the anode, the electrolyte, and the cathode.

Two chemical reactions occur at the interfaces of the three different segments.


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