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FIELD SKETCHES can be made and labelled appropriately to show key features.These could be used in both human and physical geography.

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Some of the categories that could be noted in a survey of land use are listed below.

Residential Industrial Commercial Entertainment Public Buildings Transport Services Open space Vacant buildings can also be recognised Land use surveys are often done along a TRANSECT or line.

It could be given out at the entrance to a shop or leisure centre and then collected later.

Questionnaires can be done orally with students asking the questions and recording the responses of interviewees or may be written with the questionnaires distributed and the respondents having more time to write down their answers.

Data collected during these surveys would be noted on recording sheets or plotted directly onto maps.

In all surveys the type of sampling to be done must be considered very carefully.

This could be done by standing on the street and interviewing people.

It could be done by going house to house to either interview people or by posting it through their letterboxes to be collected later.

LAND USE SURVEYS these could be done in both rural and urban areas where the use of land could be determined as one of a number of clearly defined functions.

This type of survey is often done in a city to delimit or define the area of a CBD.


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