Goals And Aspirations For The Future Essay

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A crucial aspect of this type of essay is to show the reader specifically why you want to reach this goal.Ask yourself what led to this becoming your aspiration.Remember that discussing weaknesses can help you show growth and progress, but you should ultimately showcase your strengths, especially when completing essays for work or higher education.

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I have an Honour Role standing, and maintain active involvement in my school and community. Over the last five years at Frank Hurt, I have not only enjoyed school, but learned to take it seriously as an opportunity to enrich my future.

In everything I do, I feel the need to push beyond my capabilities, to reach above and beyond. From Planning 10, I have realized that education is the path to a good life. I knew immediately that I wanted to pursue post secondary Education.

I value both my time and family, and these considerations are central to my decision.

In the future, I want to be a social worker in order to give back, and help kids.

I have had many constructive influences that have shaped my enthusiasm for social work.

I believe that the role of a social worker can make a difference.

Last year my passion for continuing education was further inspired by my experience in a concurrent studies course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Surrey Campus.

I believe in lifelong learning; I believe if you are not learning, whether it is ˜life learning’ or formal schooling, you are not living up to your highest potential.

Over the last three years, I have had my share of foster parents and social workers that have not had time or resources to meet my needs.

I do not want to sound like social workers do not care, I understand that these are many issues within the system that prevent social workers from doing the job right.


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