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In later specimens of the genre, he finds full power and is usually engines the plot.

In the novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley traced not all features inherent in Gothic literature.

The shutters were disclosed, with an indescribable sense of horror I saw at the open window, hateful and fearful figure …

“).(Tropp, Martin, 1976) But “Frankenstein” attracts attention as a philosophical novel. Scott stated: “…” Frankenstein ” looks like Gulliver’s Travels, where the most outlandish fiction allowed in order to extract their philosophical meaning and the moral law “(Heffernan, James A. In addition, it is worth saying that the massive industry of the second half of the twentieth century turns Frankenstein into farcical figure of comic burlesques and parodies, which has little in common with the hero of Mary Shelley.

“Redundant descriptions of monster atrocities might in some way serve as proof of the novel Mary Shelley’s affiliation to gothic – D. Varma,1957) said in “The Gothic Flame: A Living History of the Gothic novel in England ” book – if not lofty tone, which peculiar to romantic literature.

For a more balanced assessment of the novel we should take into account the fact that this work occurs at the junction of three aesthetic systems: Enlightenment, Gothic and Romanticism, so it is quit naturally to compound structurally diverse ideologies and artistic techniques.

More precisely, only one feature of the canonical Gothic novel is observed.

It is an atmosphere of fear and terror (“room windows were blacked out before, and now I saw with a fear that the room was lit by the pale yellow moon.

Analyzing the work of the writer the question is appeared: “Why only the first novel fascinates the reader, although her other works, such as “The Last Man” (1826) are not inferior to “Frankenstein” on artistic qualities?

The answer, in my opinion, lies in the fact that in the first novel by Mary Shelley are raised important questions of human existence, which has pervaded the philosophical, scientific and aesthetic quest for centuries: whether a man can play the role of God, producing his own kind, whether it has the right to intervene in the mysteries of nature, whether there was Eve created from Adam’s rib?


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