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In contrary, I believe in fearlessly going after what you want in life, even if it breaks status quo.I believe it’s okay to I believe there’s a sense of freedom that can be achieved through action.I’m not really Chinese, but I’m not fully American either. I don’t even know what being Canadian means even though I have that passport. Compounded to this insecurity was my experience being bullied when I was a child.

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Pole dancing taught me to believe in my own worth and in what I’m capable of achieving.

It set me free from the fear of Taking risks, challenging status quo, however, inevitably means missing the mark from time to time.

She emphasizes that a third-generation German-American is an American, on the other hand, a third-generation Japanese-American is still seen as Japanese-American, because most of the people only remember that being Japanese means being a danger to the country.

I think that this is a clear example of the ignorance of people. When she was young, she couldn’t understand why her parents didn’t complain about all the things that they had to do to prove their loyalty to America. After realizing the reasons, she showed empathy for her parents and other Japanese-Americans too.

My family is deeply traditional and I grew up with their values.

However, as my years living in the United States piled up, I found myself adopting new values that contradict my cultural root.

She considers her parents to be victims, since being silent was their only choice to show the community that they belong to the community.

My K through 12 consisted of 8 different schools across three countries that spoke three different languages.

I tried to comfort myself over the years by saying things like It worked to some degree.

I knew if I wanted to, I could go anywhere in the world and make a life for myself.


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