Health Benefits Of Vegetarianism Essay

The word itself has two kinds of origin: one is formed from English “vegetable”, another one is from Latin word “vegetus” that means “fresh, vigorous”.

The second and more common reason of starting the plant foods consumption is religious, esoteric beliefs.It is believed that meat is heavy food for spiritually developing people.It means that meat has rough energy while plant food has a subtle energy that contributes to the purification of all body systems.But just imagine, what amount of “grass” should be eaten?Here you remind immediately constantly chewing herbivores – that is the reason they constantly chew. There are forms of protein deficiency, which develop when a person eats the monotonous food products of plant origin with a low protein content.Reasons to become vegetarian There are several reasons why people start leading such a style of life.The main reason is a sentiment of pity and compassion for animals.So if a carnivore depends on meat, then vegetarian depends on the gut flora condition. If all products of animal origin are excluded from the ration, as vegans do, then no vegetable protein can not replace animal neither in amino acid composition, nor in digestibility.Of course, you can try to combine two or three vegetable products with different types of defective proteins to get eventually protein of full value. Vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular kind of lifestyle among people.For some people it is just eating of plant foods, for others it is really style of life.


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