Homework Checklist For Students

You can create simple “to do” lists or different lists (subtasks) based on more complicated tasks.

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For example, three forms for off-task behavior could result in parent contact.

Receiving a form for not completing a homework assignment could mean that 5 points will be taken off the weekly participation grade. Distribute the form Any time a student fails to meet a classroom expectation, hand him or her a Student Responsibility Form.

She also discussed checklists’ role in the process of fostering strong metacognitive awareness: “By articulating and labeling operational steps, checklists scaffold students’ metacognitive development.” 10 Resources To Use Checklists In Your Classroom 1.

Wunderlist This turbo-charged mobile app checklist allows users to collaborate on shared lists, turning it into a project management tool.

If checklists are so effective for airline pilots, skyscraper construction teams, and heart surgeons, why shouldn’t students use them as well?

Checklists can benefit students in the following ways: Improving Metacognition Education specialist Dr.Check off the behavior before you hand the form to the student.Make a place for the student to explain why he or she demonstrated the behavior and a place for the student to sign the slip, indicating they acknowledge the infraction. Set expectations Once students have been taught procedures and expectations, they should be taught about the Student Responsibility Form procedure.From reminding us of what to pack for a trip to helping doctors perform surgery, checklists are crucial for projects that require sequential steps or a series of tasks.As Atul Gawande points out in his book ‘Checklist Manifesto‘ (affiliate link), checklists break down complex tasks and also ensure consistency and efficiency if more than one person is working on a project.Kathleen Dudden Rowlands believes checklists are more than just a way for students to stay organized and on-task. Using Checklists to Support Student Learning,” checklists can aid students in developing metacognitive awareness of their own learning process.“Used effectively, checklists can help students develop metacognitive awareness of their intellectual processes,” Rowlands explained.Student Responsibility Forms encourage student accountability while giving students the opportunity to explain why they chose not to follow a classroom expectation.Students receive a form when they do not meet a classroom expectation, such as following directions after a teacher request.In addition to increasing personal responsibility, the form also serves as documentation that can be used by the teacher during parent-teacher conferences or administrative meetings. Create the Student Responsibility Form Decide what behaviors you will want to address with your form.Some teachers use forms for missed homework assignments only.


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