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That might be by handing out printed solutions, or holding classes to go through the problems, or both, or something else.

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Also, there's the confounding of "assessment" with "education/feedback".

I am aware that in the UK the math exams are legally required to be vetted months in advance by people at other universities.

This is entirely up to the policies of the university or department in question, and is likely to vary between disciplines.

In the areas I'm most familiar with (STEM subjects as taught in the UK and, to a lesser extent the US), I'm not aware of any places where professors are obliged to provide solutions, though, in my experience, they usually do in at least some form.

They should have some actual practice at this in their education.

On the other hand I recognize that sometimes there are policies in place which could make this more difficult with undergrads.] On a somewhat indirectly related note -- at least for mathematically related subjects, giving students numeric solutions before they have answered the questions themselves often seems positively harmful.

To a person to do a thing which is counted as 0 or negative in their "performance review" would be bizarre.

If anything, spending time on course materials is viewed as a "loser" activity, low-status, etc. But that should not have really been the question, I think. There isn't just one standard that applies worldwide.

Certainly an arguable [email protected]$$ scheme, but really very silly and resource-wasting, apart from substantially insulting to very erudite and scholarly math faculty. Although I do try to remind myself, and my students, that education, not assessment, is the goal, The System (in the U.

But that's the kind of system you'd get if/when faculty prerogatives were sufficiently weakened (e.g., in comparison to most U. S., and let's not talk about current events) seems evermore to declare the opposite (since it is potentially rendered numerical, etc., I guess).


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