How To Solve Population Growth Problems

How To Solve Population Growth Problems-14
Iran – After the Islamic Revolution in 1979 the Iranian population rapidly grew, from 34 million to 63 million in just 20 years.Birth rate per woman rose unbelievably, as everyone was encouraged to increase the Islamic population, and birth control was forbidden.

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The stimulation of giving birth and raising as many children as possible increased when the war broke out in 1980 and many young soldiers were killed.

In the late 1990s the Iranian government became aware of the cost of such rapid population growth, and attempted to limit it by introducing mandatory family planning courses for couples.

The new amount is not influenced by the amount already present.

For exponential growth, this is different, because the increase of a factor is proportional to what is already there.

People that signed contracts to have no more than one child were provided with financial aid, and free educational opportunities for the child in question.

Sterilization and other birth control methods were widely provided.Total world population continues to grow, but less rapidly because of population dynamics in developed countries.China – China currently has the world’s largest population size and growth.Between 19 fertility rates dropped, and the number of children born per woman decreased, as well.But despite all the efforts made, the population still grew by 12 million heads, and it is projected to count 1.6 billion by 2050.Not only the population itself was growing, but also the doubling time was decreasing, which basically means that growth itself was growing.This rapid growth increase was mainly caused by a decreasing death rate (more rapidly than birth rate), and particularly an increase in average human age.Population growth is known as one of the driving forces behind environmental problems, because the growing population demands more and more (non-renewable) resources for its own application.So why exactly does the human population expand to rapidly?When cells divide, there will be a constant doubling of the cells already present.In terms of population growth, the numbers of people already present always influences the number of children born in any country.


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