How To Write An Intro For A Research Paper

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of the intro to their research paper is, they say that it’s to tell the reader all the information they need to be able to understand your work and therefore why you did it. IF you can do this well, it will leave the reader wanting to know the answers to the questions that you have asked.

Then drop in your “token” sentences, the key findings that you need the reader to know. If you force yourself to do this you will get on message right from the off and avoid adding an extra paragraph of super wide stuff. our guide for that is here) If your study is related to a specific disease or tissue function then these are the easiest to write so consider starting there.

If you haven’t already, prepare your figs and write your results then come back here (my results writing guide available here, figures and figure legends here) A quick note on Ph D thesis/dissertation prep; The core concepts covered below are translatable into your thesis intro.

However, the extended length of a thesis means there are some differences; I’m going to write a separate page about theses/dissertations soon which will go over some of the different things you need to address. This should be done in a way that makes the questions that your work addresses the ones that are the most pressing.

Take the most important points that you have identified and make them into the topic sentences that you will hang the rest of your paragraph around. You don’t want to go off track here; if something is just an interesting aside it probably has no place in your intro. Usually more than one per sentence (except topics).

Again, make sure to cite your competitors and mention anywhere where there is controversy (especially important if your data supports or contradicts previous findings) – this will come in greater detail in the discussion but your readers should know a little about it up front and you can begin to make your case early.


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