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Topic Description : The work of the eminent geographers such as Langton, Gilbert & Fawcett assisted in shaping the entire geography of understanding the idea of cultural provinces and regionalism in England.The problems related to regionalism or any cultural behaviours is not one of the mere historic geography analysis as may be most recently illustrated as the work concluded by Colls in North Umbria.This book is so recent but already feels like a classic.

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The thesis or dissertation is very challenging combining the aspects of entire history and cultural geography, particularly falling in the interest of a student with joint honours background specifically.

Topic Description : This dissertation is mainly all about the compilation of primary data (new) whereas, contextualizing the same data into debates of geography with practical literature review.

Topic Description : The urban geography, particularly, the cities and the regions are a developing point of research within the departments of geography at UK’s leading universities with rising number of the researches being performed to address issues such as in the post-industrial era, the urban development of urban-ness and the advancement of reconstitution of spaces within the city.

Issues focusing upon space and the society within the post-industrial capital of Birmingham, the thesis explores the challenges such research geographer faces while achieving academic balance amid fieldwork, interviews, literary reviews, and modelling of computers questioning whether if such studies of the approach involving mixed method preferred by the social researchers being the best research medium.

As a Geography lecturer I have often wished that a book such as this existed.

goes way beyond a standard examination of the pros and cons of different research methods, covering a range of topics from the identification of dissertation subjects and the development of research questions through gathering data and writing up. It is recommended reading for our second-year research design course, and I have used some of the ‘dissertation tips’ videos in lectures on this course during 2018/9.

Close your eyes for a while take a deep breath and start the brainstorming process.

You need to trigger one idea from the other and make a list of possible topics Not all the topics in the list will be useful or original; you can check the list thoroughly and eliminate the ones that are redundant, monotonous, obsolete, invalid, or illogical Once you eliminate irrelevant ideas and have a list of the best topics, you need to develop major arguments for each Find relevant data to support your major arguments in the paper Make a wise selection by choosing a topic that has enough data available for all the major arguments As you take more time to write your paper you can conduct thorough research which can benefit you when your paper is completed.

The insights, advice and reflections from both previous students and academic staff who currently teach human geography add valuable insights that will both reassure students and help them avoid making common mistakes.

This book will be an invaluable read for all Human Geography dissertation students.


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