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In addition, ICANN also recommended including the principles of accountability and transparency in the next framework of the agreement and to restrict the scope of the IANA functions.

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The organization which was responsible for these tasks/needs is IANA.

Due to the Internet growth during the 1990's there was also the need for an organization that would take responsibility over the central registration of domain names and addresses.

This phase (the IANA stewardship transition) was expected to complete by 30th September 2015.

On February 25, 2011, the DOC through NTIA issued a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) to review the IANA functions contract.

There are many differences between ICANN and IANA, especially regarding their attributions, objectives and responsibilities.

IANA is responsible for the administration of domain names which involves liaisons of TLD operators, with root name server operators, as well as operating with and zone.Interested entities were encouraged to submit their proposals until December 12, 2011.The next contract was set to commence on April 1, 2012 until March 31, 2015.According to Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda, "The new IANA tender is a clear step forward for global internet governance.A more transparent, independent and accountable management of the Internet domain names and other resources will reinforce the Internet's role as a global resource." The Commission noted that some of the changes implemented in the contract were based on the suggestions expressed by Kroes during the EU-US bilateral meeting with NTIA Assistant Secretary Larry Strickling in Brussels and during the IGF in Nairobi, held in May and September 2011 respectively.The DOC created a new section on data rights stating that the US government has unlimited rights in all data delivered by the contractor under the contract and all data produced through the performance of the contract.A minor revision was made to the wording of the new g TLD section; the old version states that IANA must show that ICANN “followed its policy framework” to approve a g TLD, the new version reads that it must have “followed its own policy framework.” On November 14, 2011, the European Commission (EC) was pleased with the decision of NTIA to open the IANA Functions Contract to other interested parties.The discussion of a conflict of interest policy was notably raised by the global internet community after the departure of Peter Dengate Thrush from his position as ICANN Chairman, where he was a strong proponent of the new g TLD expansion program, and immediately joined Minds Machines, a domain name consulting company. Ron Wyden called this to the attention of the DOC and recommended the inclusion of "strict ethics guidelines" to prevent a revolving door in the next IANA contract.One week after the publication of the RFP, the IANA contract was revised to include a "ban on dealing with groups classified as supporting terrorism".The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is a department of ICANN that is responsible for maintaining the registries of the Internet's unique identifiers, which include domain names, Protocol Parameters, and Internet numbers (IP Addresses and Autonomous System Numbers).IANA distributes blocks of IP addresses to the five (5) Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).


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