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The Ripper killings were neither obscure nor ignored at the time.There was gossip and fear in the streets, questions at high levels of government, and offers of rewards and resignations when nobody was caught.The scientists’ genetic testing linked Aaron Kosminski, a 23-year-old Polish barber living in London, to the crimes, according to Science Magazine.

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In an abstract of their research published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, Louhelainen and Miller explained they used what is, to their knowledge, the only remaining physical evidence linked to the murders, recovered from one of the Ripper’s famous victims at the scene of her death.

Jack the Ripper is thought to have claimed the lives of at least five women in the Whitechapel area of London between August and November 1888.

However, the latest research claims to back up the witness who pointed the finger at Kosminski.

“Genomic DNA from single cells recovered from the evidence was amplified and the phenotypic information acquired matched the only witness statement regarded as reliable,” said Louhelainen and Miller, in the abstract.

From the very start, Jack doubled as a figure from the horror genre, a bogeyman to scare your kids.

A century later, Jack the Ripper is still hugely famous world over, an unknown criminal at the center of a global manhunt.However, it was the media who made ' Jack the Ripper'.By 1888, literacy was common amongst the crowded citizens of London and newspapers reacted to the Whitechapel Murderer, whom they initially christened ' Leather Apron', with the frenzy we expect from modern tabloids, stirring opinions, fact, and theory – along with the probably hoaxed Ripper letters – together to create a legend which seeped into popular culture.There have been accusations that the missing organs weren't stolen from the bodies by the Ripper, but by people dealing with them later. During the autumn and winter of 1888/89, a number of letters circulated among the police and newspapers, all claiming to be from the Whitechapel murderer; these include the ' From Hell' letter and one accompanied by part of a kidney (which may have matched a kidney taken from one of the victims, but like everything Jack, we're not a hundred percent sure).Ripperologists consider most, if not all, of the letters to be hoaxes, but their impact at the time was considerable, if only because one contained the first use of ' Jack the Ripper', a nickname the papers swiftly adopted and which is now synonymous.Because Jack did this quickly, often in the dark, and because he seemed to have great anatomical knowledge, people have assumed the Ripper had a doctor's or surgeon's training.As with much of the case, there is no consensus — a contemporary thought him simply a blunderer.But he is more than that, he's the focus of novels, films, musicals, and even a six-inch high model plastic figure.Jack the Ripper was the first serial killer adopted by the modern media age and he's been at the forefront ever since, mirroring the evolution of western culture.“We applied novel, minimally destructive techniques for sample recovery from forensically relevant stains on the evidence and separated single cells linked to the suspect, followed by phenotypic analysis,” say the scientists, in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.“The mt DNA [mitochondrial DNA] profiles of both the victim and the suspect matched the corresponding reference samples, fortifying the link of the evidence to the crime scene.” Mitochondrial DNA is often described as the “powerhouse of the cell.” Kosminski had been identified by a witness to one of the Jack the Ripper killings, although the witness refused to testify against him, experts say.


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