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The most conspicuous of the ballots cast will be that of the United States.Indeed, the vote and its sequel are set to be told as a largely American story.Israel’s UN ambassador, Danny Danon, has placed the celebration in this historical context: From the moment President Truman became the first world leader to recognize the new Jewish state, Israel has had no better friend than the United States of America, and the U. has had no more steadfast ally than the state of Israel. Again and again, we are likely to hear how Harry Truman stood up to his State Department (and, perhaps less heroically, catered to Jewish voters) by saying “yes” in November 1947 and then by immediately recognizing Israel when David Ben-Gurion declared the state on May 14, 1948.

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He put people in prison and often carried them out of the country after trials.

A show trial was made in Moscow to show others how these people were to be punished In other countries as well and follow the example.

In a 1998 essay marking Israel’s 50th anniversary, the historian Paul Johnson addressed a “paradoxical aspect of the Zionist miracle, which we certainly did not grasp at the time and which is insufficiently understood even now.” That paradox, wrote Johnson, is that “among the founding fathers of Israel was Joseph Stalin.” Twenty years later, even fewer people grasp it.

The Soviet Union is long gone, remembered by Israel and its supporters as the patron of Nasser abroad, the jailer and tormentor of Jews at home, the purveyor of vicious anti-Semitism everywhere.

To celebrate the anniversary, Israel’s embassy to the United Nations is restoring the hall in Flushing Meadows, New York—today the main gallery of the Queens Museum, then the meeting place of the General Assembly—to its appearance in 1947.

The announced plan is to reenact the vote, with the current ambassadors of member states that voted “yes” recasting their ballots.

When he was young he grew up having very little resources and lived in Georgia, which was part of the Russian empire at the time.

Although he was not a good person, he was Interested In educating himself since the beginning, he showed this when he studied and a theological seminary and this is where he read books that inspired him.

When the higher rank died, Stalin took his place, therefore becoming a political heir and soon he was gaining more power and eventually became a dictator in the late sass’s.

His rise to power basically consisted of taking away power and rising against his political and ideological opponents.


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