Leadership Vs Management Essay

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I’ll take that comment as a gift and try to increase my level of confidence.

Delegation is the capabilities or knowledge of the person and issuing them a task, it also includes three concepts i.e. Delegation enables a leader to develop the performance of the followers to reach the desired target by making the best use of time.

They found my suggestion an average because some time I didn’t find the strength of few team members in different tasks.

So in some cases I am not able to assign a task to the right person. (2010), Management and Organisational Behaviour, 9th Edition, Pearson Higher Education Mullins, L.

According to my group members I have an ability to express the thing but I can’t elaborate clearly because I speak in a slow voice and the listener can’t get me clearly.

Motivation is the process of stimulating someone to use his willingness for fulfilling the desired goal.Transformational leader imagines the big picture of the organisation and come with a new idea that moves an organisation to reach that level.I read a case study of an Apple founded by Steve Jobs in1976.In my group activity I gave suggestions to my group and they observe it.When I get the chance I gave my suggestions to delicate the work.Communication is the very essential factor of leader because without good communication skill leader can’t convey his suggestions and decisions to the followers or he can’t lead them.Communication is of two types verbal and nonverbal.‘’Leadership is the process of influencing a group within an organisation towards achieving an aim or goal’’ Individuals and organisations performance is influenced by the leadership because it is a two-way process.To enable their followers to function effectively leader motivate their followers and design organisational contexts.Leaders are those who can motivate and inspire others to perform at their best to get the job done.Managers are those in charge who organize and make sure that things get done, not necessarily worry about popularity or unity within the group (Brown, 2010) (Du Brin, 2010).


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