Life In A Village In Essay

Precisely, it is situated near Ahmedabad in Gujarat.Trees naturally surround the green village of Palampur. Approximately, only a thousand people get their refuge from this region.There are few people performing farming and animal husbandry for survival.

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A few of the villagers, including women, go out to catch fish in the streams and rivers found in the village.

Though the people of the village do not usually earn much, they seem to be contented.

Villages are the abodes of peace, beauty, love and simplicity.

The green and luxuriant vegetation, the flower plants and fruit trees, the green paddy and wheat fields, the pure air, the sweet singing of birds, the streams and rivers filled with clean and pure water and the healthy atmosphere are the attractions of the village life.

Being an Island village, there is a well-established market center where the residents buy and sell goods.

The modern schools and advanced health care center in Palampur village makes it the most developed village in Gujarat.During a festival, the whole village is alive with activities.Everyone is in a happy mood and plays his part to make the festival a success.In the afternoon, most of the villagers are at home.Some of them take a nap after lunch, do some work in their small gardens or pay some visit to the small shops in the village. Some play cards and other types of games which are peculiar to the village.In various parts of the village, children may be found playing the popular games of the village. Some talk about the day’s incidents in the village, and those whose minds go beyond the village discuss world events.In almost every village there is a headman whose duty is to settle quarrels among the villagers and maintain peace in the village.The workers in the village leave their homes early in the morning to work in the plantations or towns near by.Some have their own plantations, and some make certain articles in their homes to sell them in the towns.The country side is full of lush green vegetation, with coconut gardens and mango groves and small streams.There is absolute peace and no noise of motor horns and hawkers. The work is done in healthy and pleasant surroundings. The sweet songs of the birds remove the fatigue of hard work.


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