Looking For Alaska Pudge'S Essay

The countdown to Alaska’s death provides suspense and provokes curiosity, as the reader wonders where the story is heading.

Green notes that people view the most important moment in their lives as a “dividing line between what we were and what we are now” (238).

The weekday warriors dunked Pudge and peed in the Colonel’s shoes (29) because they believe that the Colonel ratted out Paul and Marya (37), two students who were expelled the previous year for drinking, smoking pot and having sex (23).

Alaska later admits to telling on Paul and Marya to avoid being expelled for sneaking off campus in the middle of the night and being in possession of alcohol (73).

Alaska’s friends must come to terms with their guilt and grief and accept that they will never know if the wreck was an accident or suicide. One theme is that there is more to life and more to any person than can be experienced or known.

Pudge reads biographies and memorizes people’s last words to try to understand what kind of people they were.He looks for meaning in the facts and the words that are recorded after a person dies.Alaska fascinates Pudge because he does not “get” her, he cannot figure her out, but Alaska says, “‘You never get me. Alaska knows that people are complex beyond anyone’s ability to understand.The Culver Creek Boarding School in Alabama offers a setting removed from the influences of parents, where Pudge and his friends can be responsible for their own choices and actions.The woods, the smoke hole and the barn offer hideouts from Mr.The setting of the Deep South does not seem particularly critical to the story.The story could have been set almost anywhere in rural America where lakes and woods can be found.Alaska, Pudge and the Colonel exact their revenge on the weekday warriors by putting blue hair dye in the weekday warriors’ shampoo and hair gel bottles and sending out fake progress reports to the weekday warriors’ parents, indicating that they were failing (109).One night, after getting drunk with the Colonel and briefly making out with Pudge, Alaska breaks down crying (129-132), drives off campus and dies in a car wreck (139).Starnes where the friends can smoke, drink and plan pranks (101-103).The freedom and lack of supervision that Pudge and his friends enjoy seems at times unrealistic.


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