Math 7th Grade

Students are asked to determine whether an exact answer is needed or if an estimate will do.

Seventh grade math lessons teach students to know if numbers are prime or composite and to determine the prime factorization of composite numbers.

They learn appropriate estimation techniques for solving problems using whole numbers or fractions.

Estimates will be used to predict results and check the reasonableness of results.

They learn about proportional relationships using tables, graphs, and “constant ratio” relationships to solve and explain problems.

Seventh grade math students use whole numbers, fractions, or decimals to solve one or two-step real-world problems.

They learn about the inverse relationship of positive and negative numbers.

Seventh grade math lessons give students real-world two and three-step problems to solve using decimals and fractions.

Seventh grade math students are expected to learn word names and standard numerals for integers, fractions, decimals, ratios, numbers expressed as percents, numbers with exponents, numbers expressed in scientific notation, and numbers expressed using the square root radical.

They read and write whole numbers and decimals in expanded form, including exponential notation.


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