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Social media is our link to sharing breaking news and to communicate with larger audiences from all over the world.

As a result, if you happen to have family or friends who live out of state, you can instant message or "Face Time" them to keep in touch.

Society has simply become immune to popular influences and believes that the way of popular self-image pertains to what each individual’s self-image should be.

“Self-identity is no longer self-identity, meaning derived from the self, but rather is an identity projected onto us by popular culture and in no way an accurate reflection of who we really are” (Taylor).

Therefore, it is crucial to do research on social media and have an opinion about it.

There are numerous approaches to writing an essay on social media.Most rather text friends in the same room or tweet about how much of a good time they're having.I've watched families while dining out for dinner, take calls and even their toddlers are glued to a smartphone or tablet.In addition, emojis as well as acronyms such as BRB (be right back) have added major elements of nonverbal communication.So, if someone is unable to see you at the present time, you're still able to express yourself by using an emoticon.On the upside, as much as social media has reduced self-identities, social media has made a positive impact on society when used in a constructive manner.Social media can positively affect society by providing a canvas for a ravishing masterpiece.In regards to the recent police brutality incidents, only the officer's side of the story would have reached media not the victims nor bystanders.Then, you have the #Flint Water Crisis hashtag which reveled to America how contaminated water in the city of Michigan resulted in more than 6,000 children being exposed to high levels of lead and a series of health problems.In conclusion, social media has many drawbacks in terms of the expression of identity when people feel obligated to blend in with popular idols that are adorned across social media, whereas others may simply articulate their identity throughout social media.Individuals can either construct a synthetic identity that deviates from their true one, or construct a bona fide identity projecting their personality and qualities to the outside world.


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