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Perhaps make it a requirement that the students complete one or two of the Review Questions or Exercises from each chapter.

Or, given that the exam will be a better test of understanding, don't assess on the book at all.

The results were alarming, as it appeared the leadership has been less effective than in the past.

Some of the common complaints seemed to focus on the lack of vision, a breakdown in communication and a lack of connection with staff.

You have read the results and as Vice President of Biotech, you completely agree with employees.

Leadership is the cornerstone to success in any organization and to permit poor leadership can only spell trouble.When student writers are asked to reflect on their revisions-in-progress, they are more likely to make thoughtful choices and instructors are less likely to find themselves taking time to suggest revisions that students are already planning to make.Revision memos can be required between drafts, when students are turning a 2nd draft in to instructors for comments, or they can accompany final drafts. (Note: I won't read the drafts until I get one.) Include: Below is a sample revision memo, written by a student: Eng C 1012 May 2, 2000 Topic: I'm arguing in defense of the Hmong practice of animal sacrifice for medicinal reasons Audience: An open letter to Norm Colman, the mayor of St.Having said that, there is a difference between Yahoo and Yahoo! I noticed the same - for assessment 1 question 181 - the accepted answers are listed as cost per thousand or CPM.I put both - the answer in full with the abbreviation in brackets after it but didn't get the mark...Hence your assignment mark cannot exclude you from the sit-down examination - the only requirement is that "an assignment" had to be registered on the system.As to the flexibility of the marking software - that is why we ask few completion questions Hmm, well to be brutally honest, I'm not very impressed with the assessment method used in the first two assignments.The reality is that a good manager will always have a handbook nearby.And you'd be surpised at the amount of current research that is generated by automated marking systems.Hence we prefer an open handbook approach were we largely test for application skills.If you think an open book makes it easier then you may well be in for a surprise!


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