Misfit America Thesis Starobin

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“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” repeatedly preaches morality while giving readers the illusion that the Misfit is possibly a dark angel, in fact, the Misfit simply kills the family in order to prevent the family from giving away his route of escape.

Ultimately, the act of saving one’s own life by killing cannot be judged as being wrong, the Misfit saves himself along with his supposed criminal counterparts, Bobby Lee and Hiram.

Because of his kind nature in the beginning of the story, it’s almost impossible to understand how he could just kill.

Through deeper analysis one can characterize the Misfit with a heart of gold, but the mind of a villain.

The reader understands that the Misfit was brought up by parents who were the “finest people in the world” (O’Connor 1312).

With this type of background, how can one expect the Misfit to be such a cold blooded killer?This characterization is true because somewhere along the line he was wrongly accused of murdering his father and was brutally punished and he was mistreated by the justice system.The Misfit knows he was innocent and neither Jesus nor the justice system could rid him of the punish he received.‘You know,’ Daddy said, ‘it’s some that can live their whole life out without asking about it and it’s others has to know why it is, and this boy is one of the latters. The Misfit was the one, not good but not the worst either, person to make a stand and to ask why to justice system and his religion.These are the two belief systems that most won’t ever question, which is why the Misfit is such a controversial character.Is our evolving national character a liability in our foreign relations?Let's try to think of an original American tableau—the sort of scene, not happening elsewhere, that shows just how very different we are from all others.The Misfit informs the grandmother that he has no intention of stealing anything from anyone, “Nobody had nothing I wanted” (258).Through deeper analysis one can The Misfit states that “if I had been there [and seen Jesus raise from the dead] I would of known and I wouldn’t be like I am now” (O’Connor 1316).It’s not because he is an evil person, he says himself “I never was a bad boy that I remember of… ..two systems that the Misfit has no trust in, yet follows intently.but somewhere along the line I done something wrong and got sent to the penitentiary. The Misfit states he was never the worst person, but he also says himself that he was never good either, so the reason behind the Misfit’s homicidal condition is not because he is an evil person but due to his distrust in Jesus Christ and the justice system. The Misfit does not trust Jesus because he never a bad boy so he can’t understand how a once good man could get pu... The Misfit tells the reader “My daddy said I was a different breed of dog from my brothers and sisters. The Misfit never backed down from anything which is why his life is the way it is.


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