My Past Present And Future Life Essay

Visiting church was a tradition for our family and I accompanied my parents to the church on every Sunday.Plato described education in the following strong words “If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life” (Freccero & Jacoff 1986) While working in military I still ponder on the words of Plato and wonder if I could rewind my life.As I did not pay much heed to studies in life I coped up with the burden of life by adapting to different jobs.It was through these trips that I was able to learn about different cultures.I grasped the skills of diversity and how to handle different situations with different people.My brother at that time did not get along with me well and hence we ended up fighting each other at most instances.However gradually with time we have realized each other’s worth and we love each other till date.My father loved fishing and every now and then he took me to a trip of fishing with him.Altogether I grabbed the skills of fishing through my father who was an excellent fisher.Their caring nature helped me to adjust with many problems of life and it is because of them that I was able to live a life of a normal person.I still remember specific events that took place in my childhood which revolve around my upbringing.


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